Emily Cherkin, M.A.Ed., is a tech-intentional parent, educator, speaker, and founder of The Screentime Consultant, LLC. Her work has been featured in local and national news including in The New York Times and on The Today Show (twice) and Good Morning, America. She can, ironically, be found on social media.

No question: Parents can and should do a better job of setting limits on screentime. But parents need to understand that when it comes to screentime battles with our kids, we are fighting products intentionally designed to hijack their brains…and it is not a fair fight.

As The Screentime Consultant

If remote learning is breaking you, here are 8 things to do.

This Is Not Sustainable, 2020.

If they don’t already, at the rate things are going, most children who are remote learning right now will hate learning by June.

It’s not even October, and in the past twenty-four hours, three separate friends have reached out to tell me that they are at their breaking point.

One 7-year old has twenty Zoom calls per week.

One 9th grader is required to use 19 different apps or websites, several on his own personal smartphone. (Not every kid in his grade has one.)

One mom, who has…

(Even when it feels like we’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t)

Smokey Sun, Seattle, Sept. 12, 2020. Noon

Here in Seattle, the air quality index is the third worst in the world, behind only our neighbors to the north in Vancouver, B.C. and our neighbors to the south in Portland, Oregon, where the AQI broke records this weekend.

This week, our school district held its first full week of remote learning, nearing six hours a day of online instruction for many children, my son included.

And the coronavirus pandemic still rages.

It is a lot.

Lately, it feels like my motto has been: “Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.”

I can’t shoo my screen-glazed children outdoors…

Add This To Your Fall To-Do List, Parents: Monitor Your Child’s Remote Learning Device for Porn and Violent Content. Because The School District Won’t.

Photo by StockSnap — 894430

At age six, Charlie was excited that his school district, Eanes Independent School District, in Austin, TX, was issuing iPads for all its students. He felt proud about having his “own” device and to his parents, it seemed a compelling reason to enroll their son in the district.

But when Charlie and another student were shown by an older student how to bypass the district filters by using Siri to access pornography, it took two weeks…

Five Ways to Help Your Kids Survive Remote Learning

Remote Learning, Spring 2020, My House

There is no question: as parents, we are heading into fall with tremendous uncertainty, particularly when it comes to our children’s education. Earlier this year, with the arrival of COVID-19, schools and families scrambled to connect remotely to classes and work. It was a duct-tape approach for most; a typical learning experience for few.

But now, fall looms, and many of the country’s students will be returning to school not in person, but online. And let’s be clear: this isn’t “homeschooling;” this is “learning at home during a crisis.” (I homeschool one of my two children. It does not look…

(Or why remote learning alone won’t save education)

In response to COVID-19, schools across the country have scrambled to address learning via remote platforms. There is a wide range of what “learning from home” looks like, but the rush to remote learning, educational technology, and devices for all students fails to consider whether or not more technology is best for children and learning. Schools, superintendents, and school board leadership, when making such significant decisions, must consider the most important part of learning and education: human relationships.

My son loves his math teacher. When he started middle school at a Seattle Public School last fall, a little fish in…

Emily Cherkin

Emily is a mother of two (9 and 12), a former middle school teacher, and the founder and owner of The Screentime Consultant.

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