No child should be fed the content I saw, by algorithm or content moderator.

Senator Blumenthal, like so many experts in recent…

(Even when it feels like we’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t)

Smokey Sun, Seattle, Sept. 12, 2020. Noon

Here in Seattle, the air quality index is the third worst in the world, behind only our neighbors to the north in Vancouver, B.C. and our neighbors to the south in Portland, Oregon, where the AQI broke records this weekend.

This week, our school district held its first full week…

Five Ways to Help Your Kids Survive Remote Learning

Remote Learning, Spring 2020, My House

There is no question: as parents, we are heading into fall with tremendous uncertainty, particularly when it comes to our children’s education. Earlier this year, with the arrival of COVID-19, schools and families scrambled to connect remotely to classes and work. …

(Or why remote learning alone won’t save education)

Emily Cherkin

Emily is a speaker, writer, consultant, and parent of two. A former middle school teacher, she is now the founder and owner of The Screentime Consultant.

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